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Vista Floor Guided
Vista—Vista Floor Guided
Vista Operable Wall
Vista—Vista Operable Wall
Vista Sliding Door
Vista—Vista Sliding Door
Vista Pivoting Wall
Vista—Vista Pivoting Wall

Vista Walls' Features

• Panel Thickness: 35mm - 8mm Glass (25Kg/m2) or 10mm Glass (30Kg/m2)
• Sound insulation: up to 35dB
• Manual
• Hidden Hinges, Door Included in the System, Aluminum profile
• Unlimited metal coatings: including intumescent ink, galvanizing, anodizing, powder coating.

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Vista Panels
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Stacking Systems

VISTA — Floor Guided

Stack system — CENTRE Stack system —SIDE

VISTA — Operable Wall

Stack system — A Stack system — C

VISTA — Sliding door

Stack system — SLIDING

VISTA — Pivoting Wall

Stack system — F